Looking for the detailed review of a specific Kindle Fire app or accessory? Welcome to the section with reviews. 

In Amazon Appstore for Android there are millions of different apps and games for Kindle Fire and all kinds of accessories.

However,  you probably noticed that it has become quite difficult to sift through all these apps and accessories to find the one specific item you are looking for.

In this section you will find links to more specific reviews of Kindle Fire apps, games and accessories. In most cases one review focuses on one app or game or one specific accessory.

If you are an owner of a Kindle Fire or Fire Phone, you cannot do without this website. I am sorry. 🙂

IMPORTANT: Please note that I update the below lists almost daily to make sure that they are always up-to-date and so that you can find the stuff you are looking for. Some of the links may not be active yet and that’s because I am now actively working on creating these lists. This website is still quite young, so make sure that you come back here often.

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This section is more specific and you will find here:

  • The reviews of one specific Kindle Fire game or app I found especially useful.
  • The reviews of different kinds of Kindle Fire accessories I think I can recommend to you.
  • The lists of top accessories of a given kind.


Below you will find the reviews of different items and specific apps I have found especially useful or fun.

If you are interested in whole lists of Kindle Fire apps or games, please visit one of the following:

Top 10 Genuine Leather Covers For Kindle Fire

This is the list of accessories for all the Kindle Fire owners. You will find there ten best Kindle Fire genuine leather covers together with short description, basic info, photographs and direct links to specific product pages of a given cover.  If you care about the protection of your Kindle Fire, you cannot miss this list.  

…more reviews are yet to come.

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