Quick tips and tips for those who want to have iTunes on their Kindle Fire (a few minutes’ read)

Do you want to install iTunes on Kindle Fire? Have you been looking for the iTunes app in the Amazon Appstore unsuccessfully?

Apple unfortunately doesn’t make it easy to transfer iTunes music to other devices. There isn’t even any official iTunes app for Android in Google Play, which means you cannot simply download iTunes for Kindle Fire.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to deal with that problem and still get iTunes music on your Kindle Fire. In this tutorial you will learn the quickest and the easiest way.

All you need for this tutorial is your Kindle Fire and your Windows or Mac computer with iTunes installed on it. Both your computer and your Kindle Fire should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

iSyncr App

I have done some research and found out that there are quite a lot of apps for syncing/transferring iTunes to Kindle Fire and Android devices. There are also many more or less difficult methods for syncing Android devices with iTunes.

In this tutorial I will use just one app which I think is the best and lets you get iTunes on your Kindle Fire in the quickest way possible. The app I am talking about is iSyncr.

Before we start the practical part of this tutorial, here are some of the main features of the app:

  • Synchronization of any Android device (including Kindle Fire tablets or Fire Phone) with music on iTunes.
  • Possibility of syncing over Wi-Fi, a USB cable or MTP.
  • Possibility of syncing ratings and play counts.
  • Possibility of skipping syning dates if you don’t need them.
  • Possibility of syncing mp3 music on the phone/tablet back to iTunes.
  • Automatic syncing of music & video on a schedule.
  • Syncing with multiple iTunes library.

iSyncr App Versions

The app is available both in the Amazon Appstore and Google Play. Since it’s available on the Amazon Appstore, you can directly install it on your Kindle Fire using the below links.

iSyncr for iTunes to Android

This is the basic (free) version of the app that will let you synchronize 100 songs and one playlist at a time. If you don’t have a lot of music, the free version should suffice.

iSyncr for iTunes to Android Pro ($4.99)

This is the paid version which lets you synchronize your whole library and all the playlists at one time.

iSyncr: iTunes to Android (NEW version)

I have also noticed that this app is available in the new version on Google Play. If you want to use this version on your Kindle Fire, you can install it on your device as well.

If you are unsure how to install apps outside of the Amazon Appstore on your Kindle Fire, here is the tutorial you might need: how to install Android apps on Kindle Fire.

You know what you need to know about the app and you have download links, so let’s now start the practical part of the tutorial.

iTunes On Kindle Fire Part 1: Download & Install iSyncr

There are just a few simple steps you need to take to enjoy iTunes on your Kindle Fire.

Install iSyncr On Your Kindle Fire

Use one of the above links to install iSyncr directly on your Kindle Fire. You can start from the free version to see how you like the app and buy the paid one later.

iTunes For Kindle Fire: iSyncr for iTunes to Android

You can directly download the app to your Kindle Fire using the links provided.

On Your Desktop Computer

Installing iSyncr on your Kindle Fire is not enough for syncing iTunes with your Kindle Fire. You now have to install the iSyncr app on your computer with iTunes.

  1. Use this link to download the app to your computer and install the version for either Windows or Mac.

    iTunes For Kindle Fire

    Download the version of the app corresponding to the operating system of your computer.

  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

    iTuneson Kindle Fire

    Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  3. Once the app is installed correctly, you will see the window like the one below.

    Install iTunes on Kindle Fire

    These are some basic settings of the app.

iTunes On Kindle Fire Part 1: Connect & Sync Your Devices

Now it’s time to actually synchronize your iTunes with your Kindle Fire. All you need to do is:

  1. Make sure that both your computer (with iTunes on it) and your Android tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they are not, then you can connect your Kindle Fire tablet to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. Open iSyncr on your Kindle Fire and choose the connection method.

    iTunes on Kindle Fire

    Choose the connection method to start syncing iTunes with your Kindle Fire.

  3. Wait a moment until your Fire finds your desktop computer. When it does, you should see the name of your computer on your Kindle Fire.

    iTunes For Kindle Fire

    This is my desktop computer. All I need to do now is click on it.

  4. Click on your computer’s name and wait a few seconds for the lists to retrieve.  This may take longer depending on how much music you have on iTunes.

    Install iTunes on Kindle Fire

    The information about my playlists is being retrieved.

  5. Choose what you want to sync. If you are using the free version, you will see the notification like the one on the screenshot below.

    iTunes Kindle Fire

    I am using the free version so the notification about limitations in the free version appears.

  6. If the sync was successful, you will see the notification like the one below. You will also see the prompt to install the music player so that you can listen to your songs just after syncing.

    iTunes app on Kindle Fire

    As you can see the sync has been successful and I can now install a music player if I want to.

Other iTunes Apps For Kindle Fire

As I mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial, you can download at least a couple of iTunes apps for your Kindle Fire.

Other alternative iTunes apps for Kindle Fire tablets include (click to learn more and download):

Was this tutorial helpful? Did you manage to sync your songs from iTunes with your Kindle Fire? I hope you did. Please share the tutorial with your friends.