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In Amazon Appstore for Android there are millions of different apps and games for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone. However, it’s become quite difficult to sift through all these apps to find only the apps you will really like.

That’s why you have me, a real Android geek who loves looking for and discovering new apps. This is my daily job which I absolutely love.

In this section you will find links to more in-depth articles with either whole lists of Kindle Fire apps or reviews of one single Kindle Fire app I found especially useful.

If you are an owner of a Kindle Fire or Fire Phone, you cannot do without this website. I am sorry. 🙂

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A Word About This Section: Apps For Kindle Fire & Fire Phone

Kindle Fire AppsAs you can see this website is divided into five main sections (you can find them in the main menu bar on top as well): Kindle Fire Apps (this section), Free Kindle Fire Apps, Kindle Fire Games, Free Kindle Fire Games  and  Reviews. 

This section should be the place to start for each Kindle Fire and Fire Phone owner. You will find here:

  • The lists of the must-have apps for your Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.
  • The lists of the best apps from the most popular categories, such as, texting apps, drawing apps or apps for toddlers.
  • More in-depth articles about a single app and special tips for it, e.g. the YouTube app for Kindle Fire.
  • Detailed reviews of a single app with more specific information about it.

Note that most of these apps are Android apps, which means that you can also use them on your Android phone. All you need to do is install Amazon Appstore on your Android device (click to read the tutorial) and you can make full use of this website.

Lists Of Kindle Fire Apps

Below you will find the lists of different apps for Kindle Fire and a short description of the list.
List of must-have Kindle Fire AppsKindle Fire Must-Have Apps

This is the list of TEN must-have Kindle Fire apps. Every new Kindle Fire and Fire Phone owner should start from going through this list and installing the apps from it. These apps will let you make the most of your device and make your daily life much easier.

Cool Kindle Fire appsCool Apps For Kindle Fire

This is another list of apps for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone you cannot miss. Here you will find FIFTEEN cool apps for Kindle Fire. This is my personal choice of apps that are both useful and a lot of fun. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

Android apps on Kindle FireAndroid Apps On Kindle Fire

If you know me a little bit, you know that I am a real Android geek. Fortunately, many great Android apps are also available on the Amazon Appstore and you can use them on your Kindle Fire or Fire Phone. In this section you will learn how to install Android apps on your Kindle Fire.

Google apps for Kindle FireGoogle Apps For Kindle Fire

Do you miss Google apps on your Kindle Fire or Fire Phone? I bet you do. The great news is that you can easily sideload and install Google apps on Kindle Fire. In this article I will show you how to install Google apps on Kindle Fire and use them without any problems.  Check as well: Google Chrome for Kindle Fire

Texting Apps For Kindle FireTexting apps for Kindle Fire

Do you like texting on your Kindle Fire? Great! In this list you will find top texting apps for Kindle Fire. Not only will these apps facilitate communication with your friends but they will also be so much fun.

Drawing apps for Kindle FireDrawing Apps For Kindle Fire

Drawing on a tablet or a phone is so much fun and you probably know that very well. That’s why in this article I want to show you THREE great drawing apps for Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire astronomy appsAstronomy Apps For Kindle Fire

I have noticed that many people are looking for information on astronomy apps for Kindle Fire. Unfortunately, there aren’t many resources apart from this list of EIGHT great astronomy apps for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.

Kindle Fire apps for toddlersKindle Fire Apps For Toddlers

Toddlers absolutely love playing with tablets and phones. Touch screens are so much fun for them. There are really lots of Kindle Fire apps for toddlers there and I want to show you top TEN.

Alternative app store for Kindle FireApp Stores For Kindle Fire

The Amazon Appstore isn’t the only app store you can have and use on your Kindle Fire or Fire Phone. In this article I will show you alternative app stores for Kindle Fire so that you can find even more cool apps.

YouTube app for Kindle FireYouTube App For Kindle Fire

Even if you are a real Amazon boy or girl, you cannot probably live without YouTube. Kindle Fire and Fire Phone by default come without the YouTube app. In this article I will show you how to install and get YouTube app for Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Cleaner AppKindle Fire cleaner app

If you have been using Kindle Fire for some time, it has probably slowed down a little bit. This is, unfortunately, completely normal. You can quickly and easily speed up your Kindle if you use the right Kindle Fire cleaner app (click to learn more).

iTunes app for Kindle FireiTunes App For Kindle Fire

If you have ever used an iPhone or iPad, you probably know and like iTunes. This app isn’t available on Kindle Fire by default. However, in this article I will show you how to get iTunes for your Kindle Fire.

Map app for Kindle FireMap App For Kindle Fire

Are you looking for a good map for your Kindle? I know there are many map apps in the Amazon Appstore, but there are only few really good ones. In this section I will show you top FIVE map apps for Kindle Fire.

PDF app for Kindle FirePDF App For Kindle Fire

In the evenings I use my Kindle Fire mainly for reading e-books. To do that you need a good PDF reader. Let me show you my favorite 5 PDF apps for Kindle Fire and a tutorial of how to copy PDF files to Kindle Fire

Gmail for Kindle FireGmail App For Kindle Fire

Do you want to be able to use your Gmail account on your Kindle Fire? No problem. In this article you will learn how to get, install and use Gmail app on Kindle Fire.

Navigation app for Kindle FireNavigation App For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire tablets, thanks to their big screens, can be great for navigation.  All you need is the Internet connection and a good navigation app for Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire virus removal appKindle Fire Virus Removal App

Do you think that your Kindle Fire or Fire Phone might have been infected with some virus? Don’t worry. In this section I will show you the Kindle Fire virus removal app that will let you clean your device and sleep peacefully.

The best antivirus for Kindle FireKindle Fire Antivirus App

It’s better to be safe than sorry and it also applies to the security of your Kindle Fire or Fire Phone. In this section I will show you the Kindle Fire antivirus app you should install on your device especially if you install apps outside of Amazon.

Kindle Fire Keyboard AppKeyboard app for Kindle Fire

The default keyboard that comes with both Kindle Fire and Fire Phone is great. However, there are also many other great alternatives you might like. Let me show you here my favorite Kindle Fire Keyboard app.

Kindle Fire weight loss appWeight Loss App Kindle Fire

Your Kindle Fire tablet can help you do all sorts of things. One of these things is to help you lose weight. In this article you will discover a great weight loss Kindle Fire app that will help you lose weight and track your progress.

Kindle Fire E-mail AppsKindle Fire e-mail apps

Are you looking for good alternatives to the default e-mail app on your Fire? Let me show you my THREE top Kindle Fire E-mail apps that will make your e-mail communication way easier.

Kindle Fire apps for readingKindle Fire Apps For Reading

Kindle Fire tablets are not only used for playing games but, most of all, for reading. To make your reading experience as great as possible I want to show you THREE great Kindle Fire apps for reading. Check them out!

Offline apps for Kindle FireOffline  Apps

There may be times when your Kindle Fire won’t be connected to the Internet (or may not be within the Wi-Fi range). This is when the list of Kindle Fire apps that don’t require Wi-Fi comes in extremely useful. All of these apps work without Wi-Fi.

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