A short and quick tutorial to show you how to update games on a Kindle Fire in a few simple steps.

Do you like playing games on your Kindle Fire as much as I do? I bet you do.

You probably know that one of the best security practices for you as a Kindle Fire owner should be to keep your device and apps (and games) on it always up-to-date.

Not only will you ensure better protection for your device but you will be able to enjoy the newest and the best versions of your favorite games.

Can you update games on Kindle Fire? Of course, you can. Let me show you how to do it in a few quick steps.

How Do You Update Games On Kindle Fire?

Updating games on your Kindle Fire is a very simple process that will require not more than a few minutes of your time.

Here is what you need to do step by step:

  1. Unlock your Fire and click on LIBRARY. You will see this icon on the home screen of your device.
    How to update games on Kindle Fire
  2. You are now in the Apps Library of your Kindle Fire where you can manage and view all the apps installed on your device or associated with your account (that are in the cloud).
    How to upgrade games on Kindle Fire 

    Make sure that your Kindle Fire is connected to the Internet so that you can check if there are game updates and download them.

  3. Go to tab APP UPDATES to check if there are any updates available. You will see here the list of the apps recently updated (together with details of the update) and available updates if there are any.  Click on the UPDATE button next to the available app/game update you want to install.
    How to update a game on a Kindle Fire

    Note that you will see here both updates of app and games installed on your Kindle Fire device.

How To Update Games On Kindle Fire Automatically

The best thing that you can do is to enable automatic updates so that you won’t have to remember to check for updates and install them manually.

Here is how you enable automatic updates on your Kindle Fire:

  1. Unlock your Fire and click on LIBRARY. You will see this icon on the home screen of your device.
  2. Click on the settings icon in the left top corner or swipe left to open the Appstore panel like on the screenshot below.
    How to enable automatic updates on Kindle Fire
  3. Click on Settings and then in the Appstore Settings choose Automatic Updates.
  4. Make sure that you tick Enable Automatic Updates.  From now on all the app and game updates will be automatically installed so that you can completely forget about manually checking for updates.
    How do you update games on Kindle Fire

If your Kindle Fire has a SIM card slot, you can also use cellular data to update games on your device.

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