Looking for both cool and free games for Kindle Fire? Congratulations. You have found the right place. 

In the Amazon Appstore there are millions of different free games for Kindle Fire. We all know that sometimes it’s quite difficult to sift through all these games to find the game we will really like and want to play all the time.

I have done the dirty job and here on TopFireStuff.com want to show you only the best stuff for your Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.

Here in section FREE KINDLE FIRE GAMES you will find links to smaller sections with lists of free Kindle Fire games I have chosen and reviewed especially for you.

I am sorry to say it but if you are an owner of a Kindle Fire or Fire Phone, you cannot do without this website. 😛

IMPORTANT: Please note that I am doing my best to update the below lists very often so that they are always up-to-date and  you can find only the best free games for your Kindle Fire here. Some of the links may not be active yet and that’s because I am now actively working on creating these lists. This website is still VERY young, so make sure that you come back here often to check what’s new. 

A Word About This Section: Free Games For Kindle Fire & Fire Phone

TopFireStuff.com is divided into five main sections (you can also find them in the main menu bar on top): Kindle Fire Apps, Free Kindle Fire Apps,  Kindle Fire Games, Free Kindle Fire Games (this section) and Reviews. 

This section should be the place to start if you are into games and are looking for new great titles. Here is what you can expect to find in this section:

  • The lists of the must-have free games for your Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.
  • The lists of the best free Kindle Fire games from the most popular categories, such as, slot games, adventure games, brain games and many more.
  • Extra instructions and tutorials that will let you make the most of Kindle Fire games.

Note that most of these games are Android games, which means that you can also use them on your Android phone. All you need to do is install Amazon Appstore on your Android device (click to read the tutorial) and you can make full use of this website. Isn’t that great?

Lists Of Free Kindle Fire Games

Below you will find the links to different lists of free Kindle Fire games and a short description of each list. If some link isn’t active, it means I am still working on it, so please come back tomorrow to see if it already works.

Best free Kindle Fire gamesBest Free Kindle Fire Games (Starter Pack)

This is the list of TEN best free games for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone. If you are a new Kindle Fire owner, you should start from this list to get your device up and running. You will be amazed at how much fun it is to play some of these free Kindle Fire Games.  

Free Kindle Fire Adventure Games

Free adventure games for Kindle Fire

Adventure games are my favorite type of games. I could play them all the time. That’s why in this section I want to show you 15 best free Kindle Fire Adventure games you cannot do without.  

Free bowling games for Kindle FireFree Bowling Games For Kindle Fire

Bowling on your Kindle Fire can be almost as much fun as bowling in the real world. In this list you will find four best free bowling games for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.  

Free Brain Games For Kindle Fire

Free Kindle Fire Games: brain games

Playing games can also be a great exercise for your brain and thinking. These free brain games for Kindle Fire will certainly help you do that. Check them out. 

Free Kindle Fire Games: car gamesFree Car Games For Kindle Fire

Do you like driving? Whether you like it in the real word or in games, you will love the list of fee car games for Kindle Fire I have prepared for you here.  

Free Domino Games For Kindle Fire

Free Kindle Fire Games: domino games

The list of free games for Kindle Fire wouldn’t be complete without these domino games for Kindle Fire. Make sure you and your kids check this out.  

Free Kindle Fire Games: games for toddlersFree Kindle Fire Games For Toddlers

This is probably the most popular kind of games Kindle Fire owners look for in the Amazon Appstore That’s why I prepared a special list here with only free Kindle Fire games for toddlers.  

Free Kindle Fire Casino Games

Free casino games for Kindle Fire

There are really lots of casino games in the Amazon Appstore. However, it’s not that easy to find only the good and free Kindle Fire casino games I want to show you.

Free escape games for Kindle FireFree Escape Games For Kindle Fire

Adventure and escape games are my two favorite types of games so this section cannot do without the list of free escape games for Kindle Fire. I am sure you will love them all.  

Free Word Games For Kindle FireFree Word Games For Kindle Fire

This is yet another extremely popular type of games in the Amazon Appstore. In this list I want to show you three best free word games for Kindle Fire I like the most.

Free Kindle Fire Games: golf gamesFree Golf Games For Kindle Fire

I have never played golf in any other way than on my Kindle Fire and I don’t need to. I love these free Kindle Fire golf games so much that I don’t want to even play golf in real life.

Free puzzle games for Kindle FireFree Puzzle Games For Kindle Fire

This is my another favorite list of games. Puzzle games are probably one of the most addictive games (at least for me). That’s why here I want to show you my favorite free puzzle games for Kindle Fire.

Free offline games for Kindle FireFree Offline Games For Kindle Fire

Even though Kindle Fire tablets are made to be always online, there are times when we go offline and want to still use our device. The best we can do then is play one of these free offline games for Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire Games Without In App PurchasesKindle Fire Games Without In App Purchases

There are a lot (millions actually) free games for Kindle Fire in the Amazon Appstore. Many of them aren’t actually entirely free because they have in-app purchases. In this list I want to show you several top Kindle Fire games without in-app purchases.

Instructions & How-To Tutorials

Below you will find links to tutorials with instructions (and hacks) that will let you make the most of Kindle Fire games and fix any problems.

Are you experiencing some problems? Do you want to discover hidden features of the games you are playing? You are just in the right place.

How To Get Free Kindle Fire GamesHow To Get Free Kindle Fire Games

In this short tutorial I will show you how you can get free game for Kindle Fire. Amazon Appstore is the obvious place but are there other places to get free Kindle Fire apps? Find this out. 

How To Install Free Games On Kindle FireHow To Install Free Games On Kindle Fire

This tutorial is for less advanced Kindle Fire owners who want to learn step by step how to install free games on Kindle Fire.  

Kindle Fire Games Won't DownloadKindle Fire Games Won’t Download (Reasons & Fixes)

Sometimes we experience problems with our Kindle Fire. We desperately want to play same game but it won’t download or install. In this article we try to solve the most common problems with downloading and installing games on Kindle Fire.

How To Delete Games From Kindle FireHow To Delete Games From Kindle Fire

Do you want to get rid of the game you are no longer playing? No problem. In this tutorial I will show you how to delete games from your Kindle Fire.

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