Where can I get free apps for my Kindle Fire? You don’t have to search any more. It’s here. You have found the best place with free Kindle Fire apps.  Turn your Fire on and get ready to discover the best stuff. 

In Amazon Appstore for Android there are tons of different free apps for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone. Unfortunately, due to their big number it’s become quite difficult to go through all of these apps and find the app you are really looking for. It’s especially difficult with free apps which sometimes aren’t of the best quality.

The good news is that you have this website which is all about helping you to find and discover only the best stuff for your Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.

In this section you will find links to more in-depth articles with either whole lists of  free Kindle Fire apps or reviews of one single Kindle Fire app I found especially cool and wanted to describe in more detail.

If you are an owner of a Kindle Fire or Fire Phone, you cannot do without this website. I am sorry. 🙂

IMPORTANT: Please note that I update the below lists almost daily so that they are always up-to-date and have only the best apps you will love. Some of the article links may not be active yet and that’s because I am now actively working on creating these lists. This website is still very young, so come back here often to check what’s new.

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Free Kindle Fire Apps is a great place to start for each Kindle Fire and Fire Phone owner. You will find here:

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  • More in-dept articles about one single app from a given category with specials tips for it.

Note that most of these apps are Android apps, which means that you can also use them on your Android tablet or phone. All you need to do is install Amazon Appstore on your Android device (click to read the tutorial) and you can make full use of this website.

Lists Of Free Kindle Fire Apps

Below you will find the lists of free apps for Kindle Fire and a short description of each list.

Best free Kindle Fire appsBest Free Kindle Fire Apps

This is the list of TEN must-have free apps for Kindle Fire. If you have just begun browsing this website, you should start from this list and then move to other lists. Make sure that you share this list with your friends as well.

Free Bible apps for Kindle FireFree Bible Apps For Kindle Fire

Why not make use of the wisdom of the Bible on your Kindle Fire or Fire Phone? You can do that thanks to a couple of good free Bible apps for Kindle Fire.

Free book apps for Kindle FireFree Book Apps For Kindle Fire

Whether you already own a Kindle Fire or will soon buy one for yourself, you know that it’s the best device for reading. After all, the first Kindle versions were designed only for reading. That’s why on TopFireStuff.com there must be a list of the best free book apps for Kindle Fire.  

Free Kindle Fire camera appsFree Kindle Fire Camera Apps

The default camera app for Kindle Fire doesn’t have very many settings or effects. Fortunately, you can add many new great effects and features with a few cool free Kindle Fire camera apps I am showing you here.

Free Kindle Fire drawing appsFree Kindle Fire Drawing Apps

Drawing is probably the second best activity for Kindle Fire owners (just after reading). In this case I think it’s our kids who love it the most, so let me know you three great and free Kindle Fire drawing apps.

Free Kindle Fire Educational appsFree Kindle Fire Educational Apps

Who said that time spent playing with Kindle Fire is time wasted? You might as well learn a lot of new things. What comes in as very useful are free Kindle Fire educational apps.

Free Kindle Fire music appsFree Kindle Fire Music Apps

For many people music is their life. They cannot learn or work without music playing in the background. In Amazon Appstore there are at least a few great free Kindle Fire music apps you must know about.

Free quilting apps for Kindle FireFree Quilting Apps For Kindle Fire

This a little bit less known category of apps but I see that a lot of people are looking for information about it. That’s why I created a special list with free quilting apps for Kindle Fire.

Free Kindle Fire Writing Apps

Free Kindle Fire Apps: writing apps

Thanks to a little bit bigger screens, it’s very comfortable to write on Kindle Fire tablets. To do that even more efficiently and comfortably, you can make use of three cool & free Kindle Fire writing apps.

Free Yoga apps for Kindle FireFree Yoga Apps For Kindle Fire

Want to learn and do yoga? Your Kindle Fire tablet can come in as very useful and teach all you need to know with these free yoga apps.

Free autism apps for Kindle FireFree Autism Apps For Kindle Fire

Autism is without doubt a serious disease many parents have to struggle with. Luckily some good people thought about creating special apps that will help both parents and their children suffering from autism. In this list you will find a couple of free autism apps for Kindle Fire

Free art apps for Kindle FireFree Art Apps For Kindle Fire

Do you like arts? If you do, then you cannot really DO without the list of free art apps for Kindle Fire. I am not the biggest fan of arts but I really like these apps.

Free calling apps for Kindle FireFree Calling Apps For Kindle Fire

With the Internet connection your Kindle Fire can act as a regular phone which can make calls and send text messages. In this list I will show you a few good and free calling apps for Kindle Fire.

Free calendar apps for Kindle FireFree Calendar Apps For Kindle Fire

Your Kindle Fire tablet or Fire Phone can help you better organize your life. All you need to do that is use one or two good free calendar apps for Kindle Fire I want to show you here.   

Free Communication Apps

Free communication apps for Kindle Fire

Apart from reading and playing games, Kindle Fire tablets are all about communication with  our friends. We are, after all, social creatures who need contact. Thanks to these free communication apps for Kindle Fire you can always stay in touch with your friends.

Free diet apps for Kindle FireFree Diet Apps For Kindle Fire

Your Kindle Fire doesn’t only have to be all about having fun and playing games. It can also help you lose weight and keep diet. What you can use here are a few cool free diet apps.

Free Kindle Fire Apps: Exercise appsFree Exercise Apps For Kindle Fire

If you want to lose weight you need both diet and exercise. You can pay a professional coach to create a workout plan for you or you can use of the great and free exercise apps for Kindle Fire. It’s all up to you.

Free Doodle Apps For Kindle FireFree doodle apps for Kindle Fire

Do you like doodling? Do you and your kinds want to doodle? Great! Let me show you seven best doodle apps for Kindle Fire you can find in the Amazon Appstore.

Free Kindle Fire Apps: E-mail appsFree E-mail Apps For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire comes together with a built-in e-mail client. However, if you aren’t happy with it and want something more, you can always use one of great free e-mail apps for Kindle Fire I want to show you here.

Free Kindle Fire Apps: Math apps for Kindle FireFree Math Apps For Kindle Fire

Do you want to practice your math skills? You can do that with success  if you install and use one or two good free math apps for Kindle Fire.

Free movie apps for Kindle FireFree Movie Apps For Kindle Fire

Are you looking for a good movie to watch with your family? Are you unsure where to look for good movies? I suggest you start from these free movie apps for Kindle Fire.

Free newspaper apps for Kindle FireFree Newspaper Apps For Kindle Fire

Reading books on Kindle Fire is as great as reading newspapers. All you need to do that is install a couple of good free newspaper apps for Kindle Fire.

Free Notepad Apps For Kindle Fire

Free notepad for Kindle Fire

Gone are the days when you were taking notes on a paper pad. Now you can do almost anything with the help of your Kindle Fire, including taking notes. All you need to do is one of good free Kindle Fire notepad apps I want to show you.  

Free Weight Loss Apps For Kindle Fire

Free weight loss apps for Kindle Fire

Your Kindle Fire can help you both with planning your exercise and keeping proper diet. You can also supplement your knowledge and boost your motivations with a few weight loss apps for Kindle Fire

Best Single App Of A Given Category

Free Journal App For Kindle FireFree journal apps for Kindle Fire

You probably know that journaling can help you heal both your mind and soul.  You can make journaling as effective and fun as possible if you use this free journal app for Kindle Fire I want to show you.  

equalizer app for Kindle FireFree Equalizer App For Kindle Fire

A fan of music or a hobby DJ? Great! With one good free equalizer app for Kindle Fire you can make the music on your Kindle Fire sound way better. Check this out.  

Free Grocery List App For Kindle Fire

Free grocery app for Kindle Fire

If you do not jot down all the items you need to buy, it’s very likely that you will forget some. With a good free grocery list app for Kindle Fire you can make sure that will not happen.

Free emoji app for Kindle FireFree Emoji App For Kindle Fire

Want to express your emotions even better? The best way to do that on a mobile device is through emojis. That’s why I suggest you check this free emoji app for Kindle Fire.  

Free VPN App For Kindle FireFree VPN app for Kindle Fire

Are you concerned with your privacy and security while using your tablet? What might become very helpful here is a free VPN app for Kindle Fire I want to show you. 

Extra Tutorials & Tips:

How to get free Kindle Fire appsHow To Get Free Kindle Fire Apps

In this tutorial I will show you how and where you can get free Kindle Fire apps. The Amazon Appstore is the most obvious place to start but there are also other alternatives I want to show you in this tutorial.  

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